Date Note
15.10.2022 Switched from a remote cdn to local css and js serving
14.10.2022 Started to work on a Setup Tutorialpage
12.10.2022 Upgraded the Cloud to its next stable release
04.10.2022 Moved our Users data to a new Storage to keep up with our new Uplink
29.09.2022 Changed our Uplink, this should improve speed and reduce latency
19.06.2022 Updated our Monitorsolution
12.06.2022 Upgraded the Cloud to its next stable release
05.06.2022 Update Filecaching to work distributed in our cluster
26.05.2022 Updated the automatically scrubbing of our ZFS Filesystem
24.05.2022 Updated Firewall rules to improve Down/Upload speed
22.05.2022 Added more Storagespace to current Storagepool
20.05.2022 Updated Server hardware for faster Offsite Backups